The anticipation kills you.

I absolutely detest waiting for anything. Be it confirmations, results or anything else.

I rather have things in the open, clear cut and all. No mindfucking. It’s either a yes or no. If the answer is not available, at least give me a specific date, you’ll get the results/payment/items by late April/May/June/Whatever month.

It would be so very nice! Thankewverymuchie!

On a side note, if you’re wondering why there aren’t much updates, that’s because there’s nothing much going on right now, it’s the same old same old thing. Aside from suffering from some huge “techolust”, the best thing that happened to me this week is stumbling onto this video from Huirong’s blog. Apparently the video has been circulating for ages but yours truly being the suaku goondusamy, has only recently discovered it.

And it’s so addictive! Apparently there are many people spoofing this vid! I was laughing like mad! Do check it out!

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