hmmm. lets talk about singapore idol wun we…

now there are 4 contestants left…

sweet ol’ daphne..

cutie taufik…

steady pom pi-pi olinda!

rocker sly!

who are u gonna vote for?

taufik is versatile. he seems to be able to cope well with all the genres. personaly i tink he’ll do very well with r&b…

olinda has a strong and powerful voice. the type for jazz and broadway. her rendition of ‘fever’ was WONDERFUL! that was one of the best performances ever!

daphne is juz simply cute. she juz makes ppl wanna smile. a sweet and wholesome image. her voice reminds me of FANTASIA. its unique. she’ll do great with pop songs..

sly sly sly. he has de voice but not the package. he sounds great but unfortunately de looks… erm. definately not the type i’ll swoon (ie. robbie williams) over. he seems to onlie suit rock songs. well. he may try with other genres but he still cant remove de ‘rock’ out of it.

my money is on taufik and olinda to be in de final 2.

how about urs?

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