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happy birthday tiger!

it’s tiger’s birthday! happy birthday silly boy! old liaoz! i called him to wish him happy birthday and called him an old man and the cuckoonaden called me an old woman. -_-

not as old as u! *sticks tongue out*

wanted to bring tiger out for a very nice dinner but the silly boy refused to have me spend a lot on him and said he wanted to go clarity cafe for dinner instead. how can? his birthday leh. no way man!

so we compromised and we’re going somewhere else. buffet. yum! 🙂  🙂  🙂


  1. Happy birthday to Tiger.

    Actually he is right about you being old woman leh.

    Heard the expression “Women 40 is the new 30”?

    So technically, 1 year = 1.33 woman years
    like how 1 year = 7 dog years.

    But by that calculation hor you are [censored] years old liao leh.

    Still the consolation is that you are still younger than me lah. Continue to enjoy your xmm status. ok?