just came back from the airport. sent mingli and pearl off…

if things were different, i would be at the airport too BUT will be flying off to Australia for a 3 weeks vacation.

oh well. shit happens.

dun get me wrong. im over it. its just that. sighz. de thought of australia. phuket seems so mild.

hahaha. anyway, its winter there and i cant stand the cold. so.. its a good thing 🙂

anyway, mingli and pearl, go enjoy! muackz muackz!

yes, im wearing army pants and army shoes. not de boots. well. yet.

on a side note, salsa was good yesterday. lotsa performances. there was a lap dance performance. exotic dance seems interesting. hahaha. learn a lil bit b4. 😛

anyone knoes where to get suspenders?

yesterday danced with this guy. he was so pro. i was well unsure of the ‘2 step salsa’ something i neva learned b4…

and to my surprise.. afterward at the performance, he is actually gona represent my studio in the salsa congress in korea.

wished i could just dig a hole and bury my head inside. i felt so clumsy.

sighz. did i mention that he was cute also? i need practice. practice practice and practice!

depressed. no pics from social night and today for u all.

me go find a hole.

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