Addicted to HIMYM

Ridz recently introduced me to How I Met Your Mother and I’m totally addicted to the show. I’ve heard about the show but have never checked it out before till Ridz passed me the shows. It’s hilarious, I love the cast especially silly Barney!


Apologies for the lack of updates, been trying to watch as much episodes as possible. I’m only at season 1, 3 more seasons to go! For those who have watched HIMYM, who is your favourite character? and why?


  1. Wah you are late to the party! 🙂

    My favourites are Barney, and Lily+Marshall. Barney for obvious reasons (legen- WAIT FOR IT- dary!). Lily because she says really inappropriate things sometimes which is incongruous with her pixie face. And Marshall is a funny oaf who cries at times.


  2. I love this show!! To think it was almost cancelled after the first season!!
    It’s got to be Barney all they way!!
    The first episode I saw was on a plane to Bangkok & it was the one where Barney is a peace loving hippy, loses his girl & then decides to “SUIT UP” .. I was hooked & luckily enough I was able to buy the whole first series on dvd in Bangkok .. What are the chances of that? haha!


  3. OHHHHH. Hahaha. I like Barney the best me thinks. Cos he’s really the life of the party. Without him, there would be no lame jokes and silly ideas. Haha.

    Lily is cute too. Like a little innocent girl, and her relationship with Marshall is not very typical yet reflects what most couples go thru at any one point?


  4. Oh my! My favorite is Barney too! Neil Patrick Harris for the win! I’m so glad that you like the show too!


  5. Gotta be BARNEY !! NPH rocks =) (you should catch Dr Horrible too!)

    But I think Marshall is really likable too. He’s dorky in his own ways. =) I’m waiting for the term to be over to finish up S3 (and 4) !!