that thing about the sound of music…

imagine my surprise when one day, i received a sms from my friend.

“wanna go to the sound of music?”

i was stunned for a while. i didnt recall any ‘sound of music’ musicals, and my that friend who messaged me, wasnt the sort who’ll watch plays/musicals.

then i read further into his sms.

“heard it was new. wanted to see how it was like. wanna join me?”

then i realised…..

he meant ministry of sound. -____-”

*the hills are alive with the sound of music~*

4 thoughts on “that thing about the sound of music…”

  1. your friend is the ‘best’, man. from ‘Ministry of Sound’ become ‘Sound of Music’. *speechless* 😀

    although i haven’t been there yet, i’ve heard that its pretty good. only sucky thing is that you got to queue up for the lloonnggest time. >.

    nadnut: hmmm… i havent been there yet… perhaps next time? when the queue is much shorter. 😛


  2. VERY VERY GOOD Place to club…
    rate 8/10.
    -2 pt coz the queue is suPER long…

    expect 1/2 hr or more in queue, unless some1 have membership there

    nadnut: hmmm. must try next time!


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