that thing about being so exhausted…

i feel so bad…

returned from dinner with ang ku kueh and jaywalk at changi… i couldnt stay longer and wasnt great company cause i feel extremely stressed out about my event and extremely tired.

infact right now, my eyes are closing.

was so busy these few days, doing packing, buying stuff for the event, coordinating everything. and it doesnt help that my head is on the chopping board for this event. if i screw up, off with my head!

tomorrow will be judgement day. im dreading the very moment. imagine, i have to work thruout the whole effing weekend and thruout a few more days..

and it doesnt help that other people are complaining about just popping down for a few hours for ONE day.

it also doesnt help that no one else want to help and only go to the top authorities to push everything else to us. thanks hor.

your own people, you dont want to help.

next time when you need help, i wont effing care. it really doesnt pay to be helpful or proactive. every effing shitty item goes to you.

i just cant wait for this event to be over.

and i wont bother to be helpful next time. go and die. not my problem. i wont help anyone no more! your own event, you settle. why should i waste my time helping others out when others dont bother to help me?

i learnt a hard lesson. people dont care about your problems. if you help them with theirs, they’ll be grateful for a while. but they wont bother with yours and they’ll tell you to fuck off.

imbeciles. idiots. retards.

7 thoughts on “that thing about being so exhausted…”

  1. Bite the bullet and it will be all over and a great mark in your track record.

    Worth the trouble even though it may be a bitch to be dragging through it.

    Break a leg!

    nadnut: thanks!


  2. I think this is a common thing.. most ppl are just concerned with their own things and heck care about other ppl… This is the type of society now…

    nadnut: yeap. those imbeciles.


  3. Relac relac, now that it’s all headlong liao, got no more strees except the actual event already! now its Sunday night liao, so 2 more days? Go go go!!!

    and tell those idiots to screw off…

    oh ya, remember this is your work, make sure no one else steals your limelight and make sure they know how hard its been.:)

    nadnut: cant tell those idiots to screw off. later kena sacked. and yes, they will steal the limelight. grrr


  4. best to avoid such people, now that you know they exist. these scumbags need to be langa-ed, reverse and then langa again. alternatively, if you dun own a car, you can laugh loudly at them when they fall, and kick them down when they attempt to pick themselves up. >.

    nadnut: unfortunately i cant do that. sighs. any voodoo dolls?


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