Don’t choke on it. Savour.

I just entered a contest organised by Basically i’m supposed to submit a photo and a caption…

So i submitted a photo taken quite some time ago during one of the frequent outings to botak jones.

So i brainstormed for a few captions. came out with..

  1. me and my shlong
  2. an orgasmic treat
  3. don’t ask what’s the white stuff.

and was feeling braindead after all that drama from school AND work. thus i requested some help from a friend of mine.

he came out with a few

  1. good food, a secret HARD to keep
  2. good food never lets you DOWN
  3. a well endowed meal
  4. fulfilling meal
  5. it comes with cheese and other stuff at the side
  6. tantalising and firm
  7. you will ask for seconds…. or thirds..
  8. tight meal
  9. taste better when its your own meal
  10. don’t choke on it. savour.
  11. doesn’t go well with fries, but it’s delicious

obviously my fave is the title one. which is yours? thanks friend!

5 thoughts on “Don’t choke on it. Savour.”

  1. What a misleading pic! But I guess it is only my dirty mind. =p

    I like “a well endowed meal”.

    But I am also thinking “it fills you up good”. Heh. Pun intended, of course.


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