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pink is the new black… (the pursuit of naddyness…)

the wildest thing i did with my hair was having the 3 different colours of highlights in my hair. yesterday i have ‘one up’ that. remember my bright highlights the last time?

i decided to do something i have always wanted….

pink and blonde highlights!!!!!

warning. pictures intensive….

decided to have a small portion of highlights instead of whole head (especially not the ends) since my hair was pretty dry after the last perm.

and so… the long process starts…

the lady took some strands and bleached them. thebeanmaster remarked that they looked like garlic bread. -_-”

thebeanmaster with his hair dyed dark brown. i think he looks good with his hair all slicked back but the guys thought he looked very shanghai mobsterish. doh.

caught offguard.

yes thats me. the one with garlic bread on her hair.

after bleaching. wooooo. chao ahlian!

this has to be one of the few salons that offer the most funkiest hair colours. i went to reds once and requested for funky colours and they didnt have the pink i wanted.

a closeup of the colours.

thebeanmaster’s hair being bleached. he looks like condom boy!


what i was wearing that day. i have a love-hate relationship with such belts. they look good but my fats are screaming in pain!

the completed do..

the hair does not go with the outfit.

blonde and pink streaks. woooooooohooooo. the colour is gonna fade soon though. heck it. i live for the moment! this is how it looks like from the right.

from the left…

and another from the left.

from the back. if you were wondering why there’s no highlights at the ends, its purposely done soon. ends are way too dry to survive bleaching.

yes me again.

pink hair pink camera. lol.

i think bangs make one look shunu-ish. why do i look so shunu even with the ahlian highlights? roar!

thebeanmaster’s funky hair.

showoff your dimples everybody! (or fake one)
i have a thief for a friend. while we were walking around, he stole the spear from the big 300 advertisement. i decided to kill him for he was annoying me the whole damn day.

die fatty ass!

he looks constipated.

i cant stop taking pics of my pink hair. woooooooooot!

bought this a looooong time ago for tiger. muahahahaa.

while we were ordering lunch to dapao to jen’s place today (for a looong day of mahjong where i lost 80cents. *ptoooooi!*), i spotted this.

heart shaped kaya toast!!!!

wooooooooot! it looks good and tastes good! tiger promised to make one for me next time. i wonder when will that ever happen… perhaps the same time he finds my beloved bookmark?

heh. did something silly.

i bought couple shirts for us from my trip to bangkok last year. (the one with the mum). heh. cute eh? i love my handcuffs necklace! something different. heh.

the pink hair today… yikes it has faded!!!i wonder how long it’ll last.. perhaps a week? somewhat regret it cause i just remembered i have to handle two events this month and they’re not very funkish. yikes. i wonder if my boss will freak out when she sees my hair. hmmm.

the boss was remarking that i always change my hairstyle. i cant stand having the same hairdo for a whole year. i have to colour, cut and do some damage to the hair. wont you guys feel bored having the same look always?

hmmm. am thinking what bright colours to try out next. heh. what do you think of the pink do? love it or hate it?


  1. i love it!

    the black front fringe is an excellent contrast

    its sexy for cute chicks to pull a punkfunk look.

    Yummy ratings out of 5, is 6!

    nadnut: awww. thanks! 🙂


  2. hi! was bloghopping! do you mind sharing the salon location? really like the hairdo.

    nadnut: hi! its actually at a home salon in amk… 🙂


  3. i lub it!
    tot i wanted somethin liketat too wit short hair.

    nadnut: hee. thanks! go try something wild too!


  4. nice!
    my sis has pink streaks too. she diy is every now and then to keep the colour from fading..

    nadnut: hee. can help me find out whats the brand of the dye and where to get it from?


  5. niceeeeee…it\’ll look even better if u cut ur hair short! kakakaka…
    i did my hair too! did full head hightlights. like finally…

    nadnut: hee. cant cut short 😛 i took like years to grow it long. hahahaa. i wanna see pics of ur hair!


  6. omg! it\’s hawt! i\’m super tempted to add blonde n pink streaks too after seeing my friend do that. i only can do that frm aug onwards after my sch attachment. or else the sch will faint… 🙂

    nadnut: lol! go try it!


  7. funky! try purple! i had purple hair that time! dark puple is hot too! haha..

    nadnut: wooot. thanks babe! hee. maybe next time. heh.


  8. aww… it\’s awesome!!!!

    ignore those \”lian\” comments. who cares man.

    it looks really good!! now i\’m tempted.

    nad is bad for my pocket.

    nadnut: hahhahaa thanks babe!


  9. it hurts being this handsome. hah.

    nadnut: would it hurt? you\’re too *** to feel it! hohoho!


  10. er.. I tot U wanted to be ah lian-ish? Cos u said “i think bangs make one look shunu-ish. why do i look so shunu even with the ahlian highlights? roar!”


    But it looks really nice. 🙂


  11. hey i love ur web site di u have to pay for it… i want to make a web sit but i dont lknow if it is free or not … and i love ur pictures thay are soo cool i love the hair i am a tru FFAAAnnn of funky hair