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Calling all guys! Buy this for her for Valentine’s Day!

Wondering what to buy for Valentine’s day?

Don’t give the usual stuffed toys where everyone else can get one in any toy shop! Imagine if your girl sees 10 other girls holding the same stuffed toy! How ‘unique’!

What?! Gadgets may seem nice but how about something different this Valentine’s Day?

Eh wait! What’s that?!

Wow! I was expecting chocs but I found something way better than that!

Check out the close up pics!

Pretty star!

Delish looking cookie!

Pink cookie monster!

A cute flower!

An oreo lookalike heart shape cookie!

A delish chocolate bear!

A strawberry donut!

Please ignore the fingerprints. I was touching them like mad before taking the pics. Oops.

Basically these items are all handphone charms! 7 in a box and the box will come with a phone strap. Usually Smokino Mushrooms will charge $6.90 for ONE phone charm and now they’re only charging $38 for the whole set! What a great deal!

Do order fast for there’s only 30 boxes available! Customisations are available too! Do contact Smokino Mushrooms at to enquire!

These are all handmade! I love them a lot! I am going to use them as pendants!

Do WOW your gal today!

Such a lovely Valentine’s Day prezzie!

Incase your girl likes something else, do email them for customisations, I know of someone who has ordered a box of Sanrio characters already!

I’ve also ordered the rainbow pendant and the star earrings!

Click to enlarge

My friend Karin handmakes all these lovely charms and pendants! Infact, I’ve received a very lovely cupcake phone charm from her previously!

Be unique! You can use them as a pendant, phone charm, earrings etc! It’s really up to your imagination! Do email soon! Valentine’s Day is this week!

Thanks Jayden for taking pics with me and thanks Karin for her lovely accessories!

13 thoughts on “Calling all guys! Buy this for her for Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Sweet Idea!
    Are those made out of foam?
    Gonna DIY it, more sincere …

    nadnut: it’s made of clay if i’m correct. try it out and blog about it! leave me a link when you’re done! i wanna see!


  2. thanks for this great tip! i will share with my friends who are still trying to please their girls this V day.

    Happy V-day to u too!

    nadnut: happy vday to u too babe!


  3. jayden’s a guy? looks a lot like a girl to me..
    I was wondering why a girl giving nad gifts in the picture.. hehehehe

    nadnut: he’s a guy! a very cute and sweet guy!


  4. you can do them with paper clay….available from artshops cheaply at RM 7 per packet but problem is paperclay is not as durable…as a display item it rocks though…but often times we dun have enough time to make pressie do we?

    anyway…happy valentine’s day


    nadnut: lol. i’m bad at art so i definitely can’t do it! lol.


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