that thing about the big hole…

back. so far no severe pain. maybe because i been popping painkillers in advance. kiasu mah. the op was horrible. waited for a hell of a long time.

i managed to beg them to gas me (to make me drowsy) before sticking the damn drip in. fuck la. even during my semi drowsy state, i felt the damn needle. pain lor. yes, i have needle phobia. cannot see needles one la. i will panic like mad. i was waving at them not to poke the needle in when i was semi conscious.

i seem to be drinking blood non-stop. eck. vampire nad! only when i was home, i realised they didnt give me the syringe to rinse out food. doh. and that i only had one side stitched up while for the other there’s a big hole. o.O. what if food gets stucked in it and i cant get it out? scary shit.

meals for today: milo, strawberry milk and a large whipped potato from kfc. i am starving!

am gonna go out tomorrow. thebeanmaster is gonna bring me out for lunch and a moobee. wheeeeeeeeeeeee! we were looking at show timings.. and saw the following..

here’s a bigger version of it..

wtf? happy feet is a scary show? lol. hopefully tomorrow there wont be any pain. else i wont stay out for long. mum asked me to gold-plate the wisdom tooth and use it as a pendant. -____-”

and she asked me to do one for tiger also. HUH?! wth?! couple wisdom tooth pendants. how gory. yuck. there’s gum stucked on them lor.

sometimes i really don’t understand my mum. weird man!

thanks for all the well wishes. i seem to be sleeping all the time during normal hours and awake during weird times like tis (close to 4am) i’m awake. so tot i rather not reply and disturb ur beauty sleep.

as some of u guys know, im currently studying my part-time degree. i chose 2 mods for this short summer sem. am now considering dropping one of them as i’m scared i wont be able to manage and i will be missing the last lesson and intensive week. no liability. but.. i don’t know… feels so loser-ish and humchee. argh. but i rather concentrate on one subject this sem instead.

should i? argh. decisions decisions decisions.

im starving now! but there’s nothing to eat. grrr. kfc is gonna be my best friend this week. 😉

6 thoughts on “that thing about the big hole…”

  1. HAHAHHAHAHA. wah, no2slack is damn chek ak. hahahahha.
    and she told me not to eat steak in front of her today. lol.


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