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that thing about the mahjong game…

even though i have been playing mahjong frequently, i have never had a match with my parents. so when there was some giftfair at my company and when i saw a mini mahjong set, i grabbed it of the cutesy set. (plus table!)

the mahjong set. everything is good cept for the wind indicator and the pathetic chips. anyone wants to donate one set to me? heheheee.

the full view.

this is how small it is. i would prefer a bigger mahjong set but thebeanmaster was supposed to check if he had a free set so i didnt purchased one. in the end, we couldnt get one and i had purchased the travel mini set le. oh well.

the table. it doesnt have any legs, just a foldable table top. we perched it on some stools at home. (example below!) hohoho.

the makeshift mahjong table.

the tiny tiles. so cute!

my wishlist. a redbull mahjong set! i’ll love u to bits if u get it for me. hehehee.

it was hilarious playing with my parents. if you thought i was bad at mahjong, you should meet my mum. super blur! lol. cant read wanzi, winds and all. a big contrast is my dad. he’s damn good. he can tell what cards you’re holding. scary!

it was fun playing mj with them. one of the rare times we do some family activites. 🙂 next time we’re gonna play money! mum asked if we could play 5 cents, 10 cents. aiyoh! lol!

my dad said something silly to my mum.

dad: feed you until fat fat already
mum: aiyoh. like that i need to go gym already!


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