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the clubbing cookie.

remember this? we had so much fun thus we organised another clubbing session. this time to o bar!

the place where r&b dreams come true. i absolutely adore this place. good r&b music, cheap drinks. its el cheapo’s dream come true!

all dressed up! its almost a miracle to see me wear red!

my eyemakeup. using mac shadestick and some smokey eyeshadow. love the effect. didnt even use any eyeliner. another miracle!

tiger and me.

tk (mr fly everybody’s aeroplane except no2’s and mine) and me

missybooboo and me.

mikey and me. fellow r&b lover!

the stuff where hangovers are made of.

its hard taking pics in the dark. lol.

as above.


help! he’s acting cute! he says we’re in couple wear. -_-”

another pic of the early birds!

what happened was.. we were all supposed to meet at o bar at 10pm. however i had a project meeting b4 that and vainpot me, as usual taking time to doll up arrived at o bar at 10.30pm.

received a msg from tk.

tk: you’ll never believe who is here.
nad: who?
tk: i say already you also wont believe. come and see yourself.

cabbed down and reached o bar. and turns out… only tk was there! hohoho. mr fly aeroplane was the only one. another miracle! lol.

waited for some of the rest to appear and we camwhored. (see above pics) when tiger arrived, i then placed my camera and all into tk’s car. that was the end of the camwhoring session.

i think i had about 3 tequila shots, numerous jugs, one bacardi breezer and one redbull. (lol. mikey always buy redbull for me when we’re clubbing!) and we danced a bit. sadly my dancing partner wasnt there. 🙁 didnt have any dancing groove that night. starry! all ur fault! *sobs*

danced, drank, danced, drank, u know what happened after that.

we trotted off to have some good bak kut teh after that. (as my camera was still in tk’s car, no pics were taken.) and i ate pretty much all of the pig trotters.

weird thing about me, i only eat the pig trotters and drink the bkt soup, i dont like the bkt meat. lol. and tk sent us back. thanks bro!

camwhoring with corde. i stole tiger’s cap!

her project. its supposed to be wings. looks nice!

i like this pic! i should have kept this cap instead of buying it for tiger. hohoho.

another one. my pink streaks are fading like mad. looks like blonde streaks now. sad.

corde’s hamster (called amanda). im scared of her! she bit me twice the last time! anyway amanda is so fatttt! looks like a little rat now. 😛

check out the evil beady eyes. i swear she hates me. she bit me when i was petting her gently the last time. grrr. fierce hammie.

i’m now officially scared of 3 things that bites. fishes, monkeys and hamsters. and oh! one more. alex. brrrrr.

2 thoughts on “the clubbing cookie.”

  1. wahahahhaha.. ammmannnddaa! 🙂 hahaha! 🙂 ehh. i look horrible without make up. =X shouldn’t have said yes into taking it.. arghhh. 🙁

    oh well. amanda’s seriously fat. yes yes. HAHA.


  2. no groove? hur hur. oops.. you know what happened lah… another time kie… [hey you managed to eat bkt!]

    anyway after that night, i found out that some of my other friends actually went to obar too.. with their friends.. arghhh….


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