that thing about the fashion meme…

tagged by xtralicious!

Your three favourite colours for clothes: black, white and pink. 🙂 im a boring girl.

Your accessory weakness: earrings and necklaces. 🙂 my true love.

Your favourite gem: hmmm diamonds i guess? only have one tiny pendant though.

Your favourite clothing: Jeans, dress or shirt? jeans. 🙂

Your must have jewellery: earrings!

Your watch: i have 2 guess watches, one swatch and one puma. i use my white guess watch that the barflies got for me last yr daily. love it!

Your favourite pair of jeans: my levis ladies jeans.

Your favourite designer: eh. none so far. *hangs head in shame*

i tag anyone who has not done it yet. go ahead! 🙂

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