that thing about the melancholic smile…

for a long period of time, i used a part of the lyrics of a well known song as my msn nick… ‘a melancholic tale where we’ll never smile’.

seems like i should be using the nick real soon again.

i have been feeling rather emotional, vulnerable and plain unhappy these few weeks. and tiger had to bear most of my emo self which aint pleasant, i tell you.

from fretting about work and an upcoming huge ass project that if screws up, my ass is on the line, to being disgruntled that the huge ass project is happening on yours truly terrible twos birthday and yours truly must work graveyard shifts and to the fact that i wanted to spend my terrible twos with people i love around me instead of watching the teardown of the huge ass project to the simple fact that tiger will be leaving me soon and that i have achieved nothing much since last year makes me extremely grumpy.

nope, it aint pms. pms way over my dear friend.

another emo me these days. coupled with today’s extremely bad hair day and numerous paper cuts when battling with the emo printer who had to choose of all days to throw a tantrum.

extremely cute, i see tiger’s nick [xialanxue the con person!] on msn. he is extremely disgruntled with xialanxue’s picture cashing method. LOL. i rather get irritated at my papercuts instead. waste of energy i tell you.

yesterday, i met tiger to a spa pre-launch. managed to grab some massage vouchers for a good price. cant wait to destress soon. interested? 😉

and we then trotted off to a sushi place to eat….


yep. thats it. i am an extremely happy person. i once gobbled devoured 5 plates of tofu. yum. i didnt get the nick ‘the tofu killer’ for nothing. 😉

tiger asked if i was giving up steak for tofu… interesting. but no. two loves of my life…

perhaps i need some “happy” pills? happy pills

but nah… im sure chocolate will do fine ;). ignore me, ranting/whining always make me feel better. and damn the bad hair day! i know what i need! a new hairdo! HAH!

niggers! here’s a cute picture that always brightens up my day. and no, im not promoting racism. bugger off, its just a cute picture 😉

12 thoughts on “that thing about the melancholic smile…”

  1. hey there!
    long time no see…
    i do need happy pills too!
    chocolate will do just fine..
    redbull…keeps u going.
    BUT…its bad for health.
    i’m sure what you’re going through is only for a moment
    Bettter days ahead!

    nadnut: thanks sweetie. miss ya! cant seem to tag on ur tagboard!!!!!!


  2. roars!!! dun emo la.. hahahah remember u’ll be seeing the happy bunch on saturday!!! and u’ll be seeing me!! woohoo! okay. bbq on saturday. DO NOT FORGET. comin earlier? i buyin food on saturday. we go buy chugether yea?

    nadnut: of course wont forget! will be coming earlier! *muacks!*


  3. a steak binge for you soon perhaps? Let’s make it a birthday treat from me.:) 22 is still young and best is, you actually look less than 20…haiz….U lah, be happy u look younger than u are, gal. some ppl look older than they are and that’s even sadder.:)

    nadnut: hahahaa. will never turn down a steak binge!!!!!!!!!


  4. wow.. how do you reply to each comment???

    am feeling kinda emo too.. *hugs*

    nadnut: hahaha. take my own sweet time replying 😉 emo too? lets go emo together!


  5. heys! botak’s here! eh.. sometimes i feel down and unmotivated in my current situation also. but no matter how hard the day gets, it will all be over. and the next day will be a better one. just keep those thoughts positive and i believe somehow you’ll be able to pull through.


    nadnut: hey. its really great hearing this from you. 🙂 *hugs*


  6. Nice pic of the ducks. Really very smart.

    They say that tofu is good for the skin…

    And choc seems to be everyone’s pick-up druggie….

    nadnut: hey there. 🙂 ahahaaa. saw the ducks pics. cute! 😉


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