Yours truly...

that thing about feeling sick…

i should have known… yesterday the telltale symptoms were there. the migraine, the slight sore throat. but yet, i met up with my group members (more about them next time, they are a hilarious bunch!) to discuss on our project. (yes the deadline draws nearer. the horror!)

got caught in the rain a teeny weeny bit and it worsened things… i started sneezing like mad in the car. i took 2 panadols and hoped that everything would be better today.

came to work and the unmistakable feeling was there. the horrible sore throat, the fever, the drowsy feeling and the muscle aches. i just know it. i must have caught a cold. or even the damn flu.

took porridge and liangteh (which i abso-fucking-lutely hate) and slept away during my lunch time. doesnt help that the noise (check previous entry) was getting louder and louder.

its ironic that i feel even worst than anytime during my operation and recovery period. like wtf?!?! and there i was thinking i was quite strong to be able to recover so fast. pride b4 a fall nadia.

updates about the gums. they still ache these days especially when food particles get stucked in there and people give me weird stares when they see me in the washroom with a syringe. i am not a drug addict lor!

yes i owe a lot of updates. xmas dinner and all. plus pictures are with me. lol after the deadly project (and virus) hor?

its amazing how vulnerable i feel when my immune system is down, considering the fact i do not usually let myself feel this way. its clichรƒยฉ i know, but all i want is chicken soup and lotsa sleep right now.

i had weird dreams these not feeling well days. i hate having nightmares, the feeling of being chased, hunted and waking up and feeling that tingling feeling on your skin, feeling the bed empty without my dearest cat to cuddle with. argh. yes, vulnerable i said.

i am unsure now about my future. from what we have discussed, it seems that things may not work out this way afterall. yes, blame the govt we shall. :P. but could i bear to leave alone? i guess in january when a dear friend returns, ill be enlightened?

i sincerely hope so.

even though i hate visits to the doctor, i like the medicinal smell in the clinic, infact i like the book smell in bookshops and libraries too. to think of all the disgusting pills ill have to take later, is making me grimace.

i found this phrase in the iPod webbie ‘Santa rocks, he’s using an iPod’. lol.

part 3 of the project to be done b4 saturday. argh. the question looks damn cheem. looks like it’ll be another day with the books.

thebeanmaster has returned from his cock-banging trip. im gonna try psycho him to do a 10 days version. muahahaahahaa.

i have this nagging feeling bothering me. i seem to have forgotten something important, what can it be? i cant recall.

suddenly i have this craving to cook. don’t ask me what. i don’t know man.

if i could have this special ability right now, i’ll mute everyone present in the room right now. (see previous entry). its raining again. cats and dogs. argh. i hate the feeling of my pants/jeans + shoes/heels/wedges wet and soggy. did i mention the time that i got so fed up with the weather that i wore boots the next day so that my toes would remain dry? it was bloody hell hot the damn f**king day. sibeh suay.

tiger would be back on 1 feb… and mrkennychan (see archives) would be leaving on that very day to perth. coincidence? lol. swop a makan kaki for a bf. muahahahaaa. thebeanmaster better stay put here man else ill whack him.

i suddenly have this impulse to dress up one of these days and go for a good dinner. oooh did i mention that i bought tickets for phantom of the opera? =D. wheeeeeeeeeeeee! broke lady here though.

i suddenly have this urge to have a chalet and bbq. i miss having bbqs. but definitely not now with the dreadful weather. i had the most disgusting barbequed stingray from bedok 85 recently. yuck. the sambal was disgusting and the meat was horrible. eck.

i must remember to buy stuff this weekend for my first ever flog exchange! so exciting!

i guess feeling sick = vulnerable = feeling sick = having weird urges = feeling sick = typing long posts with incoherent thoughts?

i shall stop here now before i bore you to death. yawns. pics soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. yes, this post is quite incoherent. It seemed like you had a lot of sudden impulses and urges. Hhhmmm… :p

    Anyways, do take care and hope you recover soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    nadnut: thank you. :)ร‚ย 


  2. When u\\\’re stressed and think alot lately, u\\\’ll have nightmares. This is what I\\\’ve been through all these years, being chased up and down, high and low, it\\\’s very tiring and distressing. In long term, we age faster than the rocket reaches outer space. Be strong gal.. Btw, can I have password to your previous entry?

    nadnut: thanks sweetie. password = argh. ๐Ÿ™‚