remember wat i wrote abt couples onlie having time for themselves? like to re-emphasize tat after a certain ‘event’ . sure, u guys onlie have time for each other and not ur frens. is tat a healthy relationship? no its not. u should have time for each other and ur frens too. learn how to balance. hello. last time when u had time for ur frens 24/7 and when ppl were there for u… now tat u have a gf/bf, u dun spend time with them. sure. fair weather frens…

surely dun need ur frens after u got a gurl/guy. and when u guys break up. DO NOT COME CRYING AND CRAWLING back to us. use us onlie when u need us. kaoz. u think wat? tissue paper? shows how much u have in regard for us. i dun need tis type of frens.

juz go off to ur beloved gf/bf. and hello, 24/7 meet up? kaoz. fren’s outings/partys/bdaes u wun attend. shows how much frenship rite?

me juz needed to rant some stuff off. its no wrong spending MORE time with ur loved ones. but spare a tot for ur frens too. we are not an outlet for u when u need us, when u quarrel with ur gf/bf, when u wanna share ur happy stuff… kaoz.

im sure many of us feel de same for this type of sticky relationships.

come on lar. when she/he dumps u or u dump her/him or mutually breakup (wateva lah, when de relayionship ends), who do u have left? NO ONE.

i used to be like dat. BLINDED. spending time with my guy onlie. my life revolved around him and his family. (tat time juz entered poly, juz classmates, no good frens), in de end wat happened? when we broke up, i was lonely. i learnt my lesson de hard way. thank god, i made some frens and when i got attached, i neva forgot abt them.(but haha! i refuse to go out when im broke. 😛 . bf or frens. no money = no go out).

if u are not gonna change now, u’ll see, how many ‘close’ frens u have left. coz tis lady here wun have a fair weather fren. nope. i rather lose one. not tat it matters rite?

sighz. p*ssed off. anyway, bz these few days. back to school de next few days. sighz. dunno wat people think these days…

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