that thing about the craving…

as i mentioned to mandrake a few days ago on email…

i am craving for some exotic food. not tooooo exotic like things on the inside e.g. heart, cow’s tongue, brain or whatever fear factor lookingalike. but more of something different.

i am actually sick of the same old pasta, steak (!!!) and what nots.

i am so sick of the usual chinese/malay/indian/japanese/italian food or any food found in the usual food court. BORING! am craving something turkish, arabian or anything different that i have not tried before. something safe but unusual.

anyone has any suggestions? or better still, does anyone knows of such places and am willing to go with me? 😉


  1. I’m not so adventurous in the context of food but I’m willing to go with you if I have the means, : )

    nadnut: that’s sweet! :) 


  2. Somewhere in the mountainous village of chiangmai, northern Thailand, my friend and I have seen some folks shaving the dead dog’s hairs after having it in boiling water. They are used to eat cooked dogs bcos it might keep them feel warm in high mountains especially during the cold weather. The folks enjoy eating bamboo worms, fried grasshoppers & insects, etc. I tried to eat bamboo worms. Not so bad and I tried to taste it like a cracked prawn. Try to go lots of exotic food somewhere that can be found in China. It would be good experience for you when looking for the exotic food 😉

    nadnut: yikes! those are fear factor food! 


  3. hey there is a turkish restaurant called sofra ( i hope I don’t spell wrongly.) in shaw building ( or whatever the building is called opp suntec.)

    quite offordable.

    nadnut: sounds good! will check it out! 


  4. Allow me to introduce to you Brazillia Churrascaria at Sixth Avenue where they serve the best meats in many ways of preparation and you can eat until you can swear off meat for the next month.

    I believe prices would start around $35 per person.

    Speaking of swearing off meat, try Original Sin at Holland Village (Chip Bee Garden side, next to Michelangelos and Sistina, which are both very good and same owner of Original Sin as well).

    The interesting thing about Original Sin is that it is a vegetarian restaurant. Before you start having visions of those chinese mock porks, mock fish, mock satay, mock this, mock that, Original Sin doesn’t really have to so fake it. They just serve vegetarian cuisine but I recommend it because they do it so well.

    The Portobello is a must-try but be forewarned that despite the absence of meat, the meal is still no cheap.

    * I am not sure if they are affected by the MRT works though.

    Bon appetit!

    nadnut: boooooo! why all west side one! lol. kk. will try them out when i head to the other side of the country. lol! 


  5. far east shopping centre has a turkish food stall… hmmm.. forgot the name already n which floor..
    can go wif u after the exams. =)

    nadnut: shaslik right? hahaha. been there countless of times! yum.