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the belated clubbing pics.


just received some of last week’s clubbing pics. i met up with some of my school mates aka my clique to o bar. as it has been a loooooong time since we met up, we decided to really dress up. (actually excuses for us to be vain, can? :P)

i curled me hair. now i feel like perming my hair 😛

me hair!

am still waiting for the rest of the pics from pearl punk papaya… but here’s a pic of us vainpots earlybirds.

it was quite a funny clubbing experience with us playing rather sadistic drinking games. (OK OK! MY FAULT. *BLEAH) with Kokling getting a blowjob (!!!) and all. and us popping tequila shots and tequila pops like nobody’s business and the numerous number of jugs on our table. -_-”

needless to say, yours truly got a tad high. i blame pearl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one would think that this week, i would have learnt my lesson aye? HAH! u thought wrong!

different group though, i went with my bsc group this time. we had dinner at sketchers (again)

and we headed down to day bed to take a look at the place. i absolutely adore the place!

instead of table or couches, they have “beds” and pillows! so comfortable! we headed back to o bar and as usual, the drinking games commenced.

this time i grew smarter and was not at a losing end. HAH! ariel is a must have at a clubbing session. before getting drunk (which she did not), she looks drunk with her YES YES YES and weird hand pumping actions. LOL!

everyone left after a while and it was just ariel and me. we headed down to daybed for some canapes and snacks. yum. expensive but yum. and… we both fell asleep! how embarrassing! but the (cute) bartender/mgr/events fella came to wake us up and chat with us for a while. 🙂

service staff were extremely friendly and the place is just so comfortable! looks like that will be my next hangout! 😉 plus the bartender is quite cute friendly!

7 thoughts on “the belated clubbing pics.”

  1. Where is daybed located at?
    Oh yeah, ur curled hair really looks nice…curled it urself?

    nadnut: its located at ms area. 🙂 nope. someone curled it for me. 


  2. Curled hair on you is nice!! Go go! Go perm it! Damn pretty.

    I would perm mine if not for the fact that my hair is so short now. ):

    nadnut: thanks! will grow it a bit longer first. ;) 


  3. Nice to see the most of the Bsc ppl are still hanging out together. 🙂 Nice Pics.

    nadnut: yup. we still do hangout :) 


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