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Phuket 2005

finally! updates! click photos for bigger pics! here 1st july 05 – 4th july 05

day one

woke up at an unearthly timing of 4plus. had to reach at 5.40am for our tiger airways flight… and mr kenny chan has de cheek to reach close to 6… grrrr.

boarded de plane at 7ish. not much legspace. not suitable for reallie BIG or TALL people. hahaha. no food on board and free seating. wun be a problem unless u come REALLY late then u will have to split up…

didnt get airsick for once! hahaha. fast flight. quite comfortable (to me that is..)

imagine our surprise when we reached phuket airport that we were supposed to go for our complimentary half day city tour there and then. we thought it was day 2! imagine us, lack of sleep. argh. our tour guide chalee was nice though..

we went berserks at the donut stall…. yum yum!

next stop! shooting range! i didnt try it out coz looooong time ago shot a .22 and well, without my specs, im kinda blind like a bat…. hahaha. ariel did and it was good for a first try. we then posed on de vehicles ala charlie angels. check out mr kenny chan’s retarded expression. LOL!

reached at our hotel finally! quite a nice place. unfortunately located a bit far off. changed, washed-up and we went off looking for food!

ate lunch at this dreadful cafe. yucks! waited for so long! bah. will neva eat there again! however my pad thai noodles was nice though a lil bit oily….

headed off to patong beach to scout for hair braiding! i did half head and ariel did full head. rather cheap! dont forget to bargain!

half head: 150 baht

full head: 300 baht

headed off for some thai massage. de 3 of them went for whole body massage and i went for foot massage. was so good that i fell asleep. shemmy boy was asked if he wanted ‘special’. LOL! ‘sir do u want special. i give u special! 500 baht only!’

after that had dinner at the streets near our hotel and trooped off to our hotel…

day two

went off to phi phi island. underwater pics are with mr kenny chan! chan ah! pass me de pics quick quick! loooooooooong journey to phi phi island. did snorkelling.

i just discovered that i do not like fishes at all. argh. hundreds of them with their beady eyes swimming around me and biting me. argh!

i was even heard screaming underwater. yes. i was that paranoid. argh. stupid fishes. reached monkey bay for a while.


i got attacked by 3 monkeys. argh. they bit me! thank god some other people chased the monkeys away.

bloody monkeys. argh.

reached de other island for lunch… nice place… food was ok. not that bad.

took some cuckoo pics 😛

de journey back to phuket! got a good space tis time and suntanned de whole journey back… slept, suntanned and fed fruits. de good life. i love phi phi islands! i wanna go back!

reached hotel and washup-ed! time to hunt for seafood!

look what we ordered. *slurps*

camwhores! yummy. was so stuffed after that… i love seafood! didnt get to eat my fave stingray though… booooo…

off for some tattoo fun! hahaha. all of us except for mr kenny chan did some tattoos ;P

shen looks like he’s gonna get operated on… needless to say, we had to dry our tattoos and shen had to walk with his hand up in de air de whole time. LOL.

day three

buffet breakfast! yummy. took lotsa bacon, potato gratin and toast. yum. nice view of de hotel!

we rented a car and drove around phuket! went off to all the beaches….

look how gorgeous de beaches are! ill neva look at sentosa the same way again. de waves! awwwww.

photo fun! looks like we cant get all 3 in de air at de same time. lol. stayed a lil. swam a lil. gorgeous beaches!

look how clear the water is! gorgeous! so blue… and de waves… superb!

went shopping! woot. went to central festival mall and chatucak market.. off for more donuts…

dinner @ de roadside. i love de crabsticks and lil pushcarts stalls. off to hotel to washup and ready for some nightlife!

went to banana disco. hahaa. 200 baht for entrance and 2 free drinks. music was good. lol. noticed a lot of ‘interesting’ dancers. there was even an old man dancing salsa. hahah. was tempted to go up to him. hahaha.

but i didnt. lol. we went off to another club to chill after tat. so funny! their hostess (a true female) spotted me and carried me right to a corner! argh. was a bit frightened at first. but she’s really friendly and nice.

was supposed to drive to de cliffs after tat… i fell asleep and we ended back at our hotel. think de road was too dark? not sure. all i remembered me crawling into bed and falling asleep straightaway…

day four

overslept! missed out on our buffet breakfast! *argghhhhh!*

went off to some local ‘cafe’ for breakfast. food! erm. mr kenny chan aint a morning person and shemmy boy just wants to eat his food. lol.

off for jetski fun! woot. fun fun fun! wanna do it again! rather ex though. mr kenny chan and i shared a double for 1000baht for 30 mins and shemmy boy got his single for 700 baht.

a lil unfortunate incident happened later. bleah.

shopping at patong beach! saw an itsy bitsy tiny weeny bikini. hahaha. do u think i can fit in tat? and yes. a typical scene. me biting ah chan. the artists are talented. check out the art gallery. later de guys went to this rather weird shop with lazer stuff to shock people and handcuffs.

i was de butt of a rather sm joke. NOT FUNNY!

getting ready to go home. we dont wanna go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on de airplane. was raining and encountered slight turbulence for a bit. was a smooth journey after tat. back to singapore! bought lotsa liquors at duty free. touched down singapore @ 10ish at night. we then all split up for home sweet home..

was a good trip. loved phuket so much! i wanna go back late this year or next year!

interesting fact. i thought ill spend the most. but the overall big spender is shemmy boy! followed by ariel.

i still had money left over and kenny was the overall winner. he spent de least!

considering how cheap the tickets and accommodation were, i think its rather affordable as compared to my trip with old whats his name last year to bangkok.

alright. oh and im peeling like mad now. *sobz*. argh. no sleeveless from now on..

to those going phuket needing advice, shoot on!

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