that thing about the cny boredom…

cny is sooooo boring! tv is showing re-runs! i got so bored that i stalked my cats and got them so frustrated with me…

check out the amount of oranges… this is just a quarter of them…

where are my oranges?

then took many pictures of my cats…. to the point that they scratched me. -_-”

meow meow!

more pics here!

meowmeow again!

got so bored that decided to go to town to utilise the rest of my pepper lunch vouchers… everywhere was so deserted. like a ghost town! and pepper lunch is closed! -__-”

i finally managed to take pictures of the nice background at the underpass in orchard!


narcisstic me

i love the background! yes yes. i know its dumb. but its so pweeeeety!…. *bimbo nad*

hope tomorrow wont be so boring…. open shops! open!

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