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More MJ Goodies!

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Jerraine and the rest of the lovely people from MJ had planned for a surprise outing for all MJ Ambassadors on 30th December and unfortunately I was in Vietnam then! 🙁 I read that they hunted down a peacock and had some lovely donuts at J Co!

Oh well.

Anyway, I met up with Jerraine to collect some lovely Chapter 20 goodies!

Hmmmm… I wondered why there was a peacock feather and a peacock charm at first… I found out later on that Lash Gorgeous Wing – which is the latest mascara in this range, will give you feathery lashes like a peacock! That’s why the other ambassadors went for a peacock hunt as well! How interesting!

Here’s 3 goodies from Chapter 20 – A girl with wings!

First up! Here’s Lash Gorgeous Wing BK999! It’s a black mascara which will coat lashes for the dense and fluttery lashes effect.

Remember the previous mascara review I did? That was using the comb mascara wand… for this one it’s a screw brush version.

It’s really smooth to apply and I absolutely adore the effect! The bristles of the screw brush are widely spaced so as to hold lots of fibre and the best thing? It’s waterproof which makes it resistant to perspiration, sebum and tears! Your mascara can definitely last for hours at least!

If you’ve been reading my MJ posts, you’ve would known that I’m a big fan of the Majolook eyeshadows. We were given the Majolook (Trick On) BR751 which has 4 different colours as shown below.

The colours are beautiful, it definitely accentuates my eyes and I adore the trick on powder, the high concentration of Gloss Pearl gives it a 3D effect to make them sparkle and look brighter! Its also super easy to blend to create the looks I want!

Last but definitely not least, the Rouge Majex (BE210). Rouge Majex is a liquid lipstick that has a 70% moisturising ingredient, to keep your lips looking oh-so-juicy. Its texture is slightly heavier than Honey Pump Gloss, but lighter than a normal lipstick. As with the rest of MJ’s Rouge Majex, it’s scented with sweet berries, I always can’t help licking off my gloss. LOL!

Meh with all three products PLUS the Neo Automatic Liner and Lash Bone before heading over to the Volvo Ocean Race.

Am loving the effect! Do check out Watson’s stores for the products now! Also check out the website for the other items in chapter 20’s launch!

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