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that thing about the angbao…

imagine my surprise when i got a message from my boss that i was given some food vouchers…. infact, $60 worth of food vouchers. pepper lunch to be exact.

the catch? of course it comes with a catch. everything comes with a catch!

vouchers with a catch!

the expiry date is 31 january. HAH. doesnt matter to me. i dont go visiting, so i have lotsa time. 😉

went with tiger to watch “memoirs of a geisha”. not bad not bad. he says its not fun when i know whats gonna happen. no element of surprise. hahahaaa.

so off we headed to pepper lunch for dinner! STEAK! yum. i ordered the double hamburger steak while tiger ordered the hamburger steak with meat combo. we decided to try the miso soup and the icecream which resembled mr softee from 7-11.


tiger, being a pepper lunch virgin, didnt manage to cook his meat properly. tsk tsk. next time, pay more attention to the food! hahahaaa. the soup tasted weird. had a bit of the burnt taste. while the icecream was extremely sweet. yummy and extremely sinful too!

it was extremely crowded on friday. i wanted to do a bit of shopping, but was turned off by the crowd. thankfully i managed to grab a few pieces….

and today, it was the extreme opposite of yesterday. it was like a ghost town. shops closed early and there wasnt much people around. :(. i foresee an extremely boring cny for myself.

imagine my surprise today, when tiger’s dad surprised me with an angbao. and i didnt even give him any oranges to ‘bai nian’. SO PAISEH!


really sweet! my first angbao from a boyfriend’s parents! 😉

and silly tiger implored me to open the angbao to check the amount. he says if its a miserable amount, it means that his dad doesnt approve of me and if it was more than $10, means either his dad approves of me or that his dad has given up hope on him and settled on me. -_-”

anyway, i was shocked and extremely happy. 😉 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! his dad approves of me! 🙂


a pic taken a few weeks ago… but since its orange… tot would suit the cny colours, (AS LONG AS ITS NOT RED!)

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