am at selena’s place now.


couldnt help it but had to beg her to use her computer…

was at natas fair just now with jenny when something striked me…

last year around march, i was at natas fair too, with our significant others and this year, we’re both single at natas fair.


perhaps next year we will be there with our significant others too?


its weird. i had so much to blog about and yet when im on the com, i dunno wat to blog about.


lets see….

on friday, i overheard my boss and her colleague talking. suddenly the words BLOG came out.

my heart froze for a moment.

this is getting creepy. i have been toying around with the idea of using password/changing url/removing all pics from my blog for a while now.

but it will just feel so restricted.

sighs. i dunno.

alrighty. gotta go. else they’ll be wondering when did i disappear too…

i miss mr compaq!!!!!

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