that thing about the blog war…

dumb. stupid. bo liaoz. immature.

that is what i think about it. usually i try not to comment to things not related to me, but i cant help it this time, reading all the entries.

bo liaoz!!!!!!! -_-”

interesting fact though. tiger told me that a certain hatesite owner uses imagecash to host his/her pictures placed on the blog, thus when one clicks the picture, he/she earn cash…

now now. why didnt i think about that? somemore i got a lot of peektures! DAMN!


4 thoughts on “that thing about the blog war…”

  1. ImageCash is laden full of AsianSexPartners.com-like personal ads, which are very distracting. That is where the majority of the cash comes from I guess.


  2. the point being that instead of using blogger to host the pics and having less loading time, this hatesite owner uses screenshots as proof and imagecash to generate income, while claiming to perform journalistic-like blogging.

    that’s what gets me on my claws.


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