a little phonecall…

she was having problems sleeping. she tossed and turned in bed. somehow or rather, she had an uneasy feeling in her heart. she looked at Aidan, he looked so serene. it has been a good 3 years since they have been together. Aidan has also been hinting to her on bringing their relationship further.

she always managed to change the subject everytime he tried to talk to her on getting married. afterall Shawn and her were preparing to get married until the dreadful accident had happened. she wondered if she was a jinx to Shawn and she was scared that once she agrees to Aidan, that things will happen.

she knew it wouldnt be fair to Aidan too for Shawn has always been the one she loved the most. she felt guilty getting together with Aidan but she followed her heart. everyday she prayed for forgiveness from Shawn. thankfully Shawn parents did not blame her. they were even happy that she had finally moved on. it was important to her that they did not blame her, for they were the only family she had left.

she shed a tear thinking about the accident. it had left a scar on her physically and mentally. just as she was in deep in thoughts, her concentration was broken by the ringing of the phone. her heat was beating furiously. she picked up the phone and listened intently.

after the phonecall, she woke Aidan up. she didnt know what to feel. she felt so numb. Aidan woke up in a hurry.

“baby, what happened? why are you trembling?” Aidan said.

Crystel avoided his searching eyes and just whispered three words. “Shawn is awake”.

he stared at her, not knowing what to feel. should he feel happy that his bestfriend is awake? or should he feel guilty knowing he is in love with his bestfriend’s fiancee.

Crystel and him got ready to go to the hospital. they can only hope for the best.

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