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Religion – Something for people to believe in?

As some of you guys know, I’m a free thinker. Have always been that way since I was 11. I never understood the need of different religions. Isn’t it the same? In the end, you’re believing in the greater good and all religions would state: Do not do evil.  At times I would believe that there is a God, but only ONE God. I have this theory that all religions are the same. It’s actually one God but everyone has a different take on it.

Just like let’s say if I showed you a colour, say Pink. One may say it’s baby pink, the other says it bandung pink and the last may say its fuchsia pink. It’s actually JUST pink but everyone has a different take on it. That’s how I view God. It’s just ONE God to me but everyone has their own take on it. Sometimes I tend to wonder about the existence of God. Is there such a thing?

I remember back in Poly, there was this classmate L* who kept preaching to me that being a Christian (or was it a Catholic, I can’t remember) was better than being a Muslim and that I should be a Christian/Catholic instead. As much as I had “forsaken” being a Muslim back then, I couldn’t help but feel insulted.

Why is there a need to fight over whose God is greater or better or true? Or on how this religion is better and that religion makes no sense? I believe in Free Will. You have a right to believe in whatever you want and I have a right to do the same. Why is there a need to shove down your opinions down my throat? I may not believe in God (I tend to sometimes swing between believing there is ONE God and sometimes denying its existence) and you or anyone else may believe in whatever religion you like, that’s your prerogative.

But in the end, even if there is no such thing as a God (or maybe there is?), I guess some people just need something to believe in. Why do I say so? How many people do you know, in times of trouble, sickness and everything THEN ONLY starts praying to God? Maybe some people just need something or someone to place hope in. For without any hope, they’ll have no will to live? I say so because I’ve seen some people who always say “It’s God’s will / God wanted it this way / I leave it up to God”. Sometimes I wished that they would work harder and be more in control of themselves.

I for one, have a high/strong internal locus of control. I believe I derive my own fate. I do not leave it up to anyone else and I make my own happy endings.

How about yourself? What’s your take on religion?


  1. Yaps, I fully understand. Actually, I also do have a friend who keeps going on and on about how good being a Christian is. Likewise, I did feel insulted. But I guess it is still their way of thinking.


  2. whahaha. disturb you a bit. baby pink, bandung pink and fuschia pink are in different shades of pink. so got a bit of difference one hor. not the same pink. 😛


  3. Hey nadnut, I’m surprised by this post, but I think it’s a really thought-provoking one.

    Though I’m not religious or spiritual in any way (I, too, believe that you are in control of your own life), I think it’s fine others have their own faith, but it does get annoying if they start to impose their own beliefs and debate about religion in such a biased way.


  4. hola Nadia.. I am a Christian.. and I do have Muslims n Biddhists friends.. I respect their beliefs.. yeah.. we all believe in God.. and God want us to love one another as brothers n sisters..

    and you’re right.. itz insensitive to condemn other religions or beliefs.. as this may sparked hatred.. and hatred is the last thing God want us to live with..

    yeah.. I was in Myanmar.. i saw the Catholics nuns n Buddhists monks works together helping the kids there.. and I have seen Muslims working together with Christian folks helping abused kids n drug addicts parents in JB..

    there is one God.. and God loves us ALL no matter who we are..

    hmm.. nadia.. you always be my sister.. =)


  5. oh yeah. i totally understand what u r trying to say. My dad is christian but im not. I attended a couple of church camps and all but im still not a christian. So anyway,the pastor’s daughter once told me, its not about making you becoming a christian. Its about u having faith. And yeah, i think its true. its about the faith u have and not who u think the big guy up there is.

    And no, im still not a christian. HAHA. but i do have my faith.


  6. hey,

    I completely agree with your beliefs.
    I am from a country where most of the people are Orthodox Christians.
    And I think that religions are made by kings and queens to take control easily on ordinary epople.

    I was brought up as an Orthodox christian but now as I grew up I sometimes doubt, is there any God in the Universe? Are we all alone?

    But then I think that there MUST be the God somewhere. Maybe he forgot about us, or just pretending that he doesn’t exist.

    All different religions are stupid.
    Each person should decide what is good and what is bad by himself.
    that is my religion.


  7. this post is really exactly what i think! 🙂

    i used to be a christian but not for a few years now.. i’ve also become increasingly cynical about whether there is a god at all…

    because after all.. every follower of any religion definitely believes in their respective god.. who is to say whose god is false and so forth?

    it actually annoys me abit when people give thanks to their god for good things that happen to them.. (but yes i understand they have their beliefs..and in no way do i disrespect their religions..) because then what about pple like us who believe in no religion? the same good things can happen to us and no thanks would be due to any god.

    anyway religion will always be subjective.. and everyone will have different beliefs.

    haha i thought of a WYR topic! would you rather know when exactly you will die or would you rather live each day as it comes until you die?

    abit omninous but had this thought in my head when i woke up!


  8. i was blogging about the same issue, except i think im more harsh on the God issue (christianity madness all), so i deleted the post.

    well talking about religion incurs all kinds of nonsense.


  9. I’m a Christian myself, and i know that some christians nowadays are using the wrong methods to reach out to people. But definitely, it is because they had experienced the goodness of being a one, thus the eagerness to influence others to accepting christ.


  10. @mao;

    Yes, good & bad things both happens to all, be it being a believer or not due to free will. We give thanks to our god for the good things, because we know there is one, and he provides our needs. Then again, bad things happen, as there is free will, but this is what’s different.

    We have God to lean & depend on when we’re down and we know we’re NEVER alone, going through rough times. 🙂


  11. this is purely my opinion ok ,hope no one get offended. don’t you seriously feel that christian are being too pushy? its like ok ,that’s your belief and i respect that but why are you forcing others to join your belief when you know we’re not interested. they are like the only religion that “persuades” people to join them. i think that they should also respect that we do not want to join them as much as we respect that they are christian.