after watching little miss sunshine, i couldn’t help but take this pic.

top grabbed imprompto because of wardrobe malfunction outside: $24.90
funky rose earrings from kl: $5
mum’s expression when she saw me taking this pic: priceless

lol! cute show! met up with the ever so tall winter and gracey for the movie. poor kingmeng came down for a while to accompany us for dinner. paiseh!

i wasnt feeling well already due to the bad throat and when we joined some of the barflies at j bar, the cold kicked in. i was having really bad sinus and by the end of the day, i was feeling really under the weather. was really having a bad day. ROAR!

next day, i met a friend for mcd breakfast and lao niang was feeling stoned. as i got ready to eat my hotcakes with sausage meal, i clumsily dropped my sausage on the floor. before i even had a tiny bite of it. ARGH.

tmd suay. now feeling really bad. throat killing me (despite me guzzling pei pa kao like siao) and im feeling fluey.

just kill me already k? ROAAAAAAAAR!


  1. Neat blog.
    Attracted my attention i should say.

    Keep it up 🙂
    Get well soon too.

    I think i caught the hay fever.

    nadnut: thanks! u better go see a doc!