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that thing about shaslik shashlik…

one of my favourite steak places has to be shaslik shashlik.

brought tiger here for our anniversary and he absolutely adored the place. incase some of you guys don’t know, shaslik shashlik is actually a russian restaurant. it is located in far east shopping centre, which to my opinion looks like a ‘dead’ place and is surprisingly quite packed most days.

we decided to share the soup, which i chose the mushroom soup. im not a fan of borsh, which is actually one of their specialities. or at least thats what i heard from friends. 🙂

tiger chose the mushroom with minced chicken (i forgot the exact dish name) as an appetizer and we decided to go with garlic steaks as our main course.

jaywalk was the angel who introduced the place to me. i remember him telling me about the old grumpy staff at shaslik shashlik. lol.

though shaslik shashlik seems to have mostly rather older staff who arent very conversant nor smiley, its still one of my fave places to go. though this time, i didnt manage to see my fave grumpy waitor. lol.

the soup was a bit too watery this time. quiet surprising as compared to the last few times i dined at shaslik shashlik, maybe its one of their off days.

the appetizer was good. feels more like a fusion dish than a russian dish though (like those minced chicken/pork on tofu dish). but it was really good. presentation was delish too.

the steak as always excellent. when i order a medium rare, thats how i want it, not a medium well or a rare. i am quite anal about that and atshaslik shashlik, thats what i got. 🙂

this time, we didnt go for the dessert but if you guys do go next time, pls order one of the flambe desserts. baked alaska? yum.

here are some pics 🙂

shaslik! shashlik! <3

havent been here in ages. love the place.

we shared the mushroom soup. which they nicely portioned into 2 for us. (because i nicely asked them to do so. lol!)

the mushrooms stuffed with minced chicken. 🙂

garlic steak. 🙂

happy me. heh.

lovely shaslik shashlik restaurant.

nadnut’s rating (in terms of service, ambience and food):

if you’ll like to check out the place, here are the details.

Shaslik Shashlik Restaurant.
545 Orchard Road
Far East Shopping Centre #06-19
(t) 6227 7550

7 thoughts on “that thing about shaslik shashlik…”

  1. i heard they have the flaming ice cream, and violin players pop out of nowhere to sing and play music to you. But that was years back, i wonder if they still do it?


  2. its shashlike my dear, 2 H\’s! Been there before, the steaks are ooh la la

    nadnut: oops. by the way its shashlik, my dear. no E. LOL! 


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