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happy bitchday!

a very camera friendly day.

had a tummy upset on saturday (i blame the otah. but then, i had 12 of them. erm. ok. my fault.) and spent the day at home feeling like shit. *pun intended* wanted to go wala but the tummy was horrible. in the end, got bullied by the parentals. 🙁

thank god, i was feeling better the next day. since it was my anni with tiger, we spent the day together in town. i think im getting old. i find going out to town on a weekend a total nightmare. the horrid crowd! jostling and all. grrr.

we caught a movie, 200 pounds beauty and i love it! i think im an emo wreck sometimes. cant believe that i teared during the movie. -_-”

aside from the movie, i did some shopping. $$$. spent a lot at MAC and zara. every month, i’ll buy 2 items from MAC. one day, im gonna convert all my makeup to MAC. woo hoo! anyway, spent too much this week. broke!

i brought tiger to shaslik (pics and review will be in another entry, i splitted this entry into 2 because of the review. lol) and i think he really liked the place. 🙂 and i managed to try the lovely redbull sorbet! woot! pics galore. im such a camwhore. tsk tsk.

accessories for the day.

lovely cat earrings. i didnt realise that i am so hairy there!

closeup of earrings. meow meow!

pretty rainbow and clouds necklace. had a hard time finding it. doesnt it match my layout? hee.

candy striped dress and belt, with charles and keith wedges. (cant be seen)

my juicy couture bag. <3

hello there!

eyemakeup of the day. MAC melon pigment and some eyeliner. 🙂

did you notice that my hair is black?

surfs up dudes! i look so shunu in this pic. -_-”

redbull sorbet!

so happy!

it was damn good. shiok!

spotted a cute po box. lol. i just had to camwhore. 😛

what a lovely anniversary. <3

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11 thoughts on “happy bitchday!”

  1. Hey!
    I’d be very grateful if you could tell me where you bought your rainbow-necklace. I’m looking for the exact one, and like you said; it’s a lot of work!




  2. hey. i am interested to know where you bought the white belt that you are wearing in this post and the ‘i only look innocent’ tee from. Mind telling? (:


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