what’s the big deal?

there will be always some that will nitpick every small detail. and there are those who would blog about some “hot” topic at the moment and try to ride on the fame. *thinks of the term free-rider*

quite some time ago, i mentioned to a new found friend that what he was doing was similiar to my jobscope previously and the similar point was that nobody appreciates what we’ve done. nobody cares how good a job we do, nobody sees it and takes it that we are EXPECTED to do so. and should there be a tiny screwup or something that is lower than expectations, the volcano erupts.

its sad isnt it? everyone wants to be appreciated. just a simple thank you or a good job will definitely make my day and make me strive to work even harder.

i dont know about you but i’m kind of disgusted by the news in the blogosphere at the moment. there are those who really left a feedback/analysed the scenario and there are those who are just complaining and riding on the fame.

whats the problem here? here are some of my replies (from MY point of view)

slow replies
[nadnut] most of the time, most of my emails are replied within a week. there is only one ming and he’s not online 24/7. if he was, i would be worried. that would mean he isnt proposing nuffnang to potential advertisers.

complains that there are no ads
[nadnut] despite signing a NDA, i feel a need to speak out here. for fuck sake! there are keywords assigned to every blog and the blogs are filtered to the advertiser’s needs and wants. your blog isnt what they want. deal with it.

complains why there is a need for minimum of 20 unique visitors
[nadnut] even though nuffnang have removed this, i still think its unreasonable that they are complaining. seriously if you were an advertiser, would you advertise on a blog which has less than 20 unique visitors a day? i wont.

why $1 charge? couldnt they absorb it?
[nadnut] has anyone thought about how they had lowered their cashout fee from $100 to $50? wouldnt that have increased material costs etc? since nobody gives a fuck to their material costs, maybe they shouldnt give a fuck about lowering the cashout fees.

and the worst. i dont give a fuck about why you’re doing so. and why should i thank you? i’m earning money FOR you.
[nadnut] then fuck off. if you’re so unhappy with the service, with them, i bet they wont need you. here they are working their asses off and there are people with this kind of fucked up attitude. for me, im greatful that i have nuffnang ads. i have earned quite a good amount which i can jolly well have a meal (for 2) at morton’s. im grateful and definitely happy.

yes, complain all you guys want. remove nuffnang from your blogs. leave more ads for me. thanks. i’ll love to earn more, infact maybe enough for a meal for 4 at morton’s.


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