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Ong Shaocheng Aaron, shame on you!

Having dated ccb (ching chong boy) say for close to 16- 17 months, I’ve been a pillion on his bike almost every other day. People have the misconception that riders/bikers are reckless, dangerous, they speed a lot. While it might be true to a certain extent, drivers are also guilty of exactly the same things. (especially NOT checking blind spots.)

I hate it when people stereotype bikers. And you know what irks me the most?

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People like him.

A biker had gotten into an accident at the ECP and had passed away recently.

Guess what did Aaron say?

“A biker buang his bike & die at ECP, made me jam for 45 min + $3 ERP! He’s probably going to hell because of that!”

Some people seriously do not use their brains before they talk. I’m sure a biker’s death is sooooooo insignificant to poor old Aaron (an A*STAR staff by the way) who had to endure such a long jam and *gasp* a $3 ERP that he found the need to lash out at him and curse him.

No sympathy, no remorse, nothing. Oh. He also added comments like the rider is granted a long break. It’s obvious to see that he showed no remorse even after people have chided him and that the only reason why he apologised now (after making fun and laughing about the poor rider at least 3 times despite people telling him off) is that he got “CSI-ed” and Stomped.

It sickens me to see/read about people like him.

Ong Shaocheng Aaron, shame on you!

15 thoughts on “Ong Shaocheng Aaron, shame on you!”

  1. I think he put his facebook on private, I dont see anything.

    Anyhow I think his comment is pretty harsh and probably said in anger. He probably will realise this pretty soon.


  2. When Ong Shao Cheng Aaron has an accident and his car goes off road, I hope I’ll be nearby where I can wind down the window in a cab and say – “Serves you right! And I am glad you won’t be on the road blocking my way tomorrow.”


  3. looking at a further comment on that same page, he says the biker was speeding

    yeah right, everything blame biker for speeding when its usually drivers who drive blindly or don’t respect other road users that cause accidents.


  4. Apparently he apologised on the EDMW thread on the HWZ forum, so case closed. No issue by A*Star yet though. They’ll probably just let it blow over.


  5. His number plate and car model were all splashed all in the open. It incensed me that these drivers have no regards for bikers, and a lot of times these are the very people who put bikers’ lives at risk. It is just very sad that such inconsiderate people exist in our society, and could be the very bane to the safety of riders out there.

    I think many people PM him after that with the forums flaming him and that’s why he felt the pressure to apologise. Real remorse or not? I don’t know, but I certainly hope he has more respect for people after this.


  6. My hubby rides a bike too, and it’s usually the cars who don’t check blind spot and changing lane suddenly! Then when we honked at them, they will give us the killer stare like it’s our fault. *sigh*


  7. Bikers will definitely side with bikers, that is a true and harsh fact.You cannot deny that there are many bikers who are not worth of travelling on the road.
    A bike should travel on the road like a car. But no, many bikers choose to squeeze between two cars, weaving in and out of jams. Tell me now, how is this safe?


  8. mel: I’m not a biker and I am currently taking my Class 3 FYI. Like I said, it’s true in some extent. The whole point of this entry is saying it is NOT right to curse someone. Don’t know about you but I know my bf and myself will NOT say such stuff about accidents involving bikes and/or cars.

    What’s the point?


  9. I think to curse someone over a slight misfortune is one thing, but to curse a person who lost his life in an unfortunate accident is downright mean. This person clearly has no empathy for others, which is sad.

    As much as I dislike bikers who weave in and out of lanes, I will still try to watch out for them when I’m driving. I don’t want blood on my hands, intentional or not.


  10. one of the basic reason why bikes are purchased is because it is to get out of jams.

    yes, speeding, weaving in and out dangerously is one thing.

    yes, bikes should take the lane when riding under normal circumstances.

    but i seriously think that car drivers who think bikes should wait IN the a jam must be nuts. While everyone stops to a crawl, the bikes have every right to carry on their journey


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