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that thing about ikea…

if you were sharp enough, you would have guessed that the previous pic was taken in ikea. 🙂

the week before my exams, i decided to check out ikea tampines.

dressed down that day. afterall, was supposed to mug after ikea. so… nerdia appears again.

look what i’ve found? cowboycaleb‘s magic pony!

yes, i had fun horsing around. lol. bad pun!

a trip to ikea without trying the meatballs is a big nono!

look how happy i am!

i absolutely adore ikano’s swedish meatballs. anyone up for a trip to ikea tampines soon? need round 2 soon!

nadnut’s rating:

Ikano (Ikea Tampines)
60 Tampines North Drive 2
Singapore 528764
(t) 6786 6868 (f) 6786 6888

5 thoughts on “that thing about ikea…”

  1. They got give so many meatballs one ah. Don’t remember I had so many meatballs during the 2 occasions I was there. Either they generous when they saw u or they see my gong-gong face until they serve wrong. 🙂


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