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that thing about the kitty downstairs…

a few weeks ago, when tiger sent me home, we discovered a cute little kitty underneath my block. my area is practically swamped with cats….

the kitty was so cute. so manja (meaning friendly). kept rubbing itself around us and trying to poke its little head into our paper bags and plastic bags for food. it was so tiny. i was tempted to kidnap it home if not for the fact i have 2 big fat cats at home. 🙁

we played with the kitty for about 20 minutes? both tiger and i was trying to take a nice picture of the kitty. however, this is one very active pussy *cough*. it kept walking here and jumping there. i finally managed to grab hold of the kitty and take a decent picture.

wouldnt it be nice if all these strays would have a home? with a family to feed it and play with it? someone to hug it at night and brush its furry coat? if i could, i would adopt a stray and save it from starvation and abuse in the cruel outside world.

not all kitties are like the one i saw. some have been abused so much that they shun away from the human touch. when you carry them, they recoil in fear. and it breaks my heart seeing them so timid and to see them all skins and bones.

if you have the heart and home for another, why not adopt a stray? in my area, there has to be at least 30 strays. AT LEAST.

seeing these kitties make me feel sad. if i could, i would bring another home. who knows, next time i’ll turn into the old lady with 30 cats? 😉

cute kitty!

pardon the makeupless face. it was 3am – 4am in the morning and i felt so damn tired then.

ps: oooh. i forgotten that i adopted another kitty. a rather large kitty by the name of tiger. heh!

8 thoughts on “that thing about the kitty downstairs…”

  1. new post! read!

    eh, the kitty’ll only endup starving in my house and start eating the sofa if I adopted one ;p no good for cat, no good for furniture :X

    nadnut: lol. of course u have to be able to take care of the pet. if u cant, better not adopt. =)


  2. my oliphant has several cats living around her area too, but she has a neighbour that feeds every one of them. 🙂

    three cats in your house? must be helluva work to keep them from fighting and happy. 🙂

    nadnut: oliphant? hahaa. 2 in my house. one away. 😛


  3. so cute!!! so adorable!!!
    -erhem- i mean the cat…
    /me run to batam

    nadnut: of course the cat lah!


  4. Nad,

    Why don’t you just feed that cute one so it won’t become skin and bones?

    nadnut: because the cat is not always there. never know where they roam to and never know what would happen to them. i make a point to leave cat food under my block every morning. but no matter what, some cats are starving. and if i wanna feed the cat, i would feed all cats and not just the cute one.

    every animal deserves food and shelter. cute ones, ugly ones, old ones or young ones.


  5. I know how is it to try and deal with all the cats and soemtimes wondering what they are up to and searching all around for them. Seriously, I think 3 cats are enough for the moment.

    And I’ve given up on trying to save the world, so only the lucky ones. It’s not fair, but then few things are.

    nadnut: sigh. yeah. its just so sad to see some of them abused….


  6. ask green ogre. he likes cats and his gf is very crazy abt cats. he may adopt one if u ask him. heh … altho’ im also asking him to adopt this cute one at my block.

    erm … i think void decks are becoming cats-dominated areas. even my dog shuns them.

    nadnut: yah man. everywhere i go, i see so many strays….


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