the invasion of the babis!

as some of you pitstop fans know… pitstop cafe will be closed from tomorrow till wednesday. if you realise, they have not specified why.

now… i’ll tell you the TRUE reason.

are you ready?

the cafe has been taken over by soldier ants pigs. i was there last saturday and the pigs were everywhere!

pictorial proof here!

the pigs were everywhere!

not only that, i spotted a huge egg! from mini soldier pigs to huge eggs, i wonder what else pitstop cafe is hiding from us… hmmmm

but despite the weird items *cocks eyebrow*, we had fun @ pitstop. great games! and i’m itching to go back soon especially with the new games coming up.

shen, nad, pearl & kok @ pitstop

and finally, i managed to get a picture with the pitstop crew 😉

i had fun @ pitstop (of course!) and am itching to go again after the mysterious 3 days closure (its a plot! they’re fighting with the pigs!), any takers?

and below, a video of the soldier babis…

ps: there are no soldier babis lah. just an overactive imagination with many many many tiny pigs. *craves bacon*

6 thoughts on “the invasion of the babis!”

  1. hey babe! have a fun trip alright! shop till you drop! haha u have more bkk shoppping experience than me la! =) when u can find more shopping places let me know! there is a new shopping place called platinum mall (indoor wholesale market) u know about it? nice stuff but i have no more baht to shop there! opposite amari watergate! =) hehehe


  2. Nad! I scribbled something on the wall behind the couch that you all were sitting on! hahaha..

    There werent any pigs when I went there 2 weeks back. Your post just made me feel like going back again. haha..


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