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I mentioned earlier in the previous entry that I was suffering from Technolust didn’t I?

This is what was getting me all hot and bothered.

(Top by HollyHoque, necklace by Beads of Lav btw)

Pat Law enjoying a cuppa. Check out the starry background. One of the cameras has that nifty function!

With Claudia and Fidelis. 🙂

Meeting Canon Ambassador Wong Li Lin.

Sabrina sulking. Probably because she’s suffering from Technolust too?

The beauty (Canon Ixus 110IS) that I’m currently lusting for.

It was so horrible at the event! As you guys may know, my Sony T10 is in a horrible state right now where I can only snap one or two pictures because it decides to shut down and I’ve been borrowing cameras for a while till I save enough money to buy a new camera. Being at the event with sooooo many different cameras was killing me then. It felt as if I was dying of thirst and there was a huge array of drinks infront of me but none that I could drink! 🙁

Regarding the new range of cameras, Canon and Ogilvy have kindly lent me the PowerShot A1100IS during the weekend where I was gambling in Genting. (I’ll upload the pictures next week!) It’s really userfriendly and is almost idiotproof and is great for beginners! However after using the Canon Ixus980IS for a while now, I’m totally spoilt by the functions. Check out the fab pics I took of my food in Little Vietnam!

Sadly, I’ll be finally be returning the lovely cameras to Canon later and I’ll be cameraless for a while. :/ Would have to leech off friends’ cameras from now on. Yikes!

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