5 thoughts on “selling tickets!!! calling all rugby fans!”

  1. Five reason u should give me for free

    1.I vist your blog daily

    2.I am your no 2 fan.. since everyone says they are no 1

    3. you will do a good deed

    4. i buy you one carton of red bull

    5. You are cute!

    if all these reasons fails… hee i go buy myself one ticket! no harm trying!

    nadnut: all fail! go buy a ticket!


  2. 1) i bought you that pink box of panda cookies.

    2) i believe you also drank one of my redbull.

    3) i let you scratch.

    im just trying though, not really into rugby. hehe~

    nadnut: you bought the pink box to share with all! ROAR!


  3. can i pay u one nights worth of “pleasure”. i’ll let u pet my furry stripped body.


    nadnut: >.< and u dun even watch rugby lor.


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