Don’t mess with the nadnut.

Some time ago, I received a missed call from 9486149* and received a few messages after that.

Here’s the correspondence.

9486149*: “nadia. I wanna suck ur tits.”
nadnut: Orly? Who’s this? (At first I thought it was a friend playing a prank…)
9486149*: ‘alvin thomas. o c’mon i knw u want it.’
nadnut: I don’t know how you got my number and I dunno who you are. I’m not interested.
9486149*: ‘Pls just let me gite u a chance to tame me cn? I just want to knw u nadia’
nadnut: How did you get my number?
9486149*: “Err. frm some cntacts. Hpe u dun mind, I just wanna knw u better.’
nadnut: I would advice you to tell me who gave you my number or else I’ll make a police report tomorrow.
9486149*: “Sorry. I just got this secnd phne. Then saw ur number. I just wanna mke frends. Sorry again’
nadnut: Say sorry to the police. I’m gonna report you for sexual harassment.
9486149*: ‘kak saya mintak maaf. saya tiada niat utk menggangu. jgn buat laporan’
nadnut: All messages and call logs have been recorded. Stop harassing me.
9486149*: ‘seperti saya kata tadi. saya dpau dari telephon ini. saya mintak maaf byk2 kak. tolong saya jgn buat laporan. saya mohon’
nadnut: Who gave you my number?
9486149*: ‘I got frm dis phne. Pls i’m sorry. Help me. Dun make any report. I was jus playing. I’m sorry.’

“Alvin Thomas” called me again and I ignored his call.

9486149*: ‘To be truth i’m still a student. Pls i’m begging u. i calld u just to beg frm u not to report. I’m sorry’
nadnut: That isn’t any reason to sms someone saying you wana do nasty things to her. I’m gonna make a police report tomorrow. Stop harassing me.
9486149*: “pls dun. I’m really sorry. i will dlete ur nmber. Plss..’
nadnut: Stop messaging me. You asked for it when you started harassing me. STOP MESSAGING ME.

The next day I made a police report and called my telco to make a report. A letter has been sent to “Alvin Thomas” and should there be anymore such messages or calls, I would then pursue the matter.

Fucking idiots. I hope his nuts shrivel up and dry or get infested by a thousand ants. Of all people to mess around with, he chose to mess around with me. Nabei.

13 thoughts on “Don’t mess with the nadnut.”

  1. Hello ,
    I want to ask , how do you make a police report on such cases ? Do they need proof ?
    Please reply as I’m facing the same situation but I deleted all the person’s sms . The person bothers me everyday but I dont reply . I want to know if I need to show it to the police or I dont have to .

    Please & thanks ! 😀


  2. Hmmmm, he said he want to make friends but how did he know your name?? Well, anyway, hope it gets cleared. Cause if he wanted to make friends, he could have just said “Hi” instead of what he did. *rolls eyes at guy*


  3. i don’t understand the other language 😛 but good one, that’s the right thing to do. don’t understand why some people are so idiotic.


  4. HAHAAHAH! nadnut! I wanna suck your tits! hahahahas.
    When are we going for our “choco balls”
    you forgot about me alreaaaaady! Pouts!


  5. i think it’s great you went ahead and made a report babe. otherwise he’d think that it’s just an empty threat. let this serve as a warning to the rest of the bo liao ppl who try to prank call random numbers!


  6. Translated! My malay sucks so it may not be accurate.

    9486149*: ‘kak saya mintak maaf. saya tiada niat utk menggangu. jgn buat laporan’

    [Sister, I apologise. I do not have any desire to disturb you. Do not make a report.]

    9486149*: ’seperti saya kata tadi. saya dpau dari telephon ini. saya mintak maaf byk2 kak. tolong saya jgn buat laporan. saya mohon’

    [Like I mentioned earlier, I got this (number) from this phone. I apologise profusely sister. Please do not make a report. I’m sorry.]


  7. Wishbone: Yeah! Whatever happened to good old ‘I wanna know you’ opening lines? Zzzz

    feliciaaaaaa: I showed the police those messages and till today I haven’t deleted them. Maybe you can make a report and if they require those messages, I’m sure you can call up your telco and get those messages, whether they’ll charge you or not, that I do not know. Hope this helps!

    Jayden: Translated!

    Brennan: I doubt so. How the heck would he have gotten my number? :/

    daphne: I suspect he got my number from a friend or one of my contacts. Most second hand phone shops would have made a clean sweep of all contacts and messages before selling the phones….

    Jacelyn: Yeah I don’t get it too. Doh. Idiots! *shakes fist*

    ensui: I hope he’s peeing in his pants everyday thinking the police will arrest him soon.

    fidel: More like your tits! 😛 Whenever you’re free? Next week?

    dweam: Yeap, I wonder how many other girls he sent those messages too. Brrr.


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