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2 days to bkk!

im counting downnnnnn!

this looks like my cat…

had really good korean food for lunch yesterday, my boss and i treated 2 colleagues to a birthday lunch and a farewell lunch. broke! it was my first time eating at a korean restaurant.. using metal chopsticks and all. LOL!

i definitely overate. had too many ikan bilis, kimchi, stew and chicken. *burp*

it was really an interesting experience. wanted to take pics but my colleagues have not found out that im a hidden camwhore so i demurely ate my food and cursing myself for not being trigger happy.

next time! i promised to bring tiger! i wanna go korea!!!!

later today.. (tuesday), my bosses will be bringing me to fosters for my (early) birthday blunch!! steakkkkkkkkkk! im so gonna grow fat fat fat…


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