Thanks Nuffnang!

Been meaning to blog about this but have been rather busy with work and school lately. I managed to catch the movie Enchanted recently courtesy of Nuffnang. It was quite an interesting movie, all sweet and all, but cynical old me don’t believe in fairy tales much less guys being that romantic. *looks at tiger*

Speaking about tiger, he really tests my patience sometimes. The cuckoonaden went to Vivocity even though the movie was at Great World City. *smacks head*

Met a few bloggers there but i was too shy to really mingle around. heh. I didn’t even use my camera that day… was busy calling everybody. lol.

outfit of the day. i love my skinnies!

A nice group picture we took before the movie started.

Small group for almost everyone was late. zzz. Weekee and Eve from Pitstop Cafe was there too!

Pic with Jayden. (stole the pic from him. hurhur) I want Jayden’s tee!

I totally forgot to take pics with the rest, estee, wen, skyler and ming! hell, i even forgot to take pics with the barflies: qiaoyun, ghostrider, natsu and barffie. zzz

Since we’re on the topic of Nuffnang, here’s some pics!

Nuffnang 2! niceeeee! More info here.

I love the new features! Check out my display pic! Osanad bin laden!

Woot! Innit! Something new for us to share with the other Nuffnangers!

So much nice changes, love them! I hope i can win the Motorola Q9H! 😛


Remember Timothy Tiah? This fella called on last friday soooo last minute asking me out for lunch but it was too last minute, couldnt make it! NO HEART! *pouts*. Come back soon yeah? heh.

Seems it’ll be an active December, will be meeting up with KennySia, Mooiness and hopefully Timothy himself soon! 🙂 And to think 2 years ago, i was too damn shy to meet up with anyone from the net. lol! I’m glad to have met and known many interesting people!

Have a great weekend everybody! I’ll be mugging in school. zzzz


  1. hahaha.. Osanad bin laden… should be Osanad binte laden. Girl mah.

    It’s a long time i didn’t meet anyone from the net. The last time is year 2005. I re-start it with you first can? 🙂