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4 days of celebration – Oktoberfest at Wavehouse

Please refer to these posts before reading this. (else you no head no tail wor!).

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The final entry to wrap up this series!

The boy and I headed to Wavehouse for Oktoberfest!

Outfit of the day..

Outfit of the day: Cotton On dress and bikini from Sentosa Island Shop.The boy said my dress looks like a swimsuit. >.<

A pic with the bf.

Obligatory pic with sunnies.

The boy and I haven’t been to Sentosa together before and this was our first time.

Reason being, Sentosa does not allow bikes in, which was pretty difficult for us. Parking at Vivocity isn’t very cheap. So unless we had something special/an event to attend, the boy and i hardly travel to Sentosa which is a waste cause I really like spending time at Sentosa!

Wavehouse is a nice place to chill and where surfers (and wannabe surfers) can have their go at surfing. Reminds me of the Flowrider when I went on the Unexpected Australia.

Truth to be told, while the food was good, the quantity is way too little. Most of the times, there wasn’t enough food and it took some time for the servers to replenish the food.

I will definitely head back to Wavehouse in future but not for the buffets. Maybe enjoy a beer and just listen to the live band.

This concludes the 4 days of celebration that I’ve planned for the birthday boy. Heh. Friends called me a market spoiler. :p

Let’s see what he’ll plan for my birthday next year! :p

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