that thing about the bad day…

about the referral letter, no i haven’t found it… been trying to call the polyclinic the whole of today but nobody is picking up the phone! @#$%!!!!

today seems to a super bad day.

started my day with a splinter in my finger. how did it happen? i bought my usual beehoon for breakfast and they usually give those wooden chopsticks in the plastic… so i just removed the plastic and immediately felt a sharp pain on my finger.. a tmd splinter got stuck inside! how suay.

and after that, 2 idiotic emails came flying. great. 2 days burnt. i cant attend the cowboybar party! 100% guaranteed. and other idiotic people pissed me off today.

i regret waking up and going to work today. tmd! and that damn polyclinic better answer their bloody phone tomorrow! another sad news… last week my heart locket necklace was suppose to arrive on wednesday… and till today.. no news!

probably lost in mail. phuck phuck phuck! i loved that necklace and now.. not even a chance to even wear it. BAH. any sponsors for a new one? 😀

tomorrow better be a better day. else im not waking up for work liaoz!


  1. oh dear. hope today would be a better day for you. 🙂

    perhaps you can try calling the store to ask about the necklace? maybe they haven\’t send it over yet or something. :p

    nadnut: not from a store… but anyway, sender sent liaoz. long time ago..


  2. online shopping babe?

    takes some time leh. Wait abit more patiently. Singpost seldom loses their mail. Maybe the other person haven’t sent out yet.