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that thing about aussie… day six.

i had my first taste of racism/racist comments today. more about that in due time.

we headed to brisbane city after lunch today and enjoyed a slow walk to southbank to catch a movie, click.

as usual, i became rather triggerhappy. so here are some pictures. 😉

reached southbank and walked along their friday market. nothing much to see. just pretty lil trinklets with exorbiant prices. i’m not gonna pay 7 bucks for a pair of earrings which i can get @ singapore at like 3 for 10 bucks? -_-”

had my very first snowcone! a little cup for 2 bucks. o.O. at first tiger said he didnt wanna share and in the end? he shared. -_-”

we decided to have an early dinner while waiting for the movie and i spotted a sign on our table..

apparently those irritating birds are called ibis. heard from tiger that they will steal peoples food. i saw one ibis with chicken skin in its mouth and all the other ibis were chasing it. reminded me of the ‘mine mine mine’ scene in finding nemo. lol!

became bored and decided to climb a tree. my first time. yes. low branches. lol. yes bo liaoz. i know.

click was good! i love the show! or maybe its just adam sandler. 😉 apparently tiger’s surprise for me was…. there was a salsa night arount that area. and i somehow spoiled his surprise. 😛 anyway, didnt stay long. took a look see look see only. lol.

took a slow walk back to the city…

as yours truly was hungry, we headed to the yummilicious 24 hours pancake place. i love the crepes there! yum! very delish!

we decided to catch the cat ferry back home and on our way to the ferry terminal, we passed this bunch of kids. one of them asked for 2 bucks from us, we ignored them and walked on. as we walked on, another kid asked for 50 bucks and the first kid shouted ‘chinese fuckers’ at us. -_-”

how friendly. bah. oh well.

the ferry was tmd cold. but a nice experience. that concludes day 6. take care all!

ps: apologies for the lack of replies to tags/comments/emails. i havent had the time to really use the com. don’t wanna hog the com yeah? cause tiger needs to play WoW. *cough idiot cough*



  1. Oh no, my comments seems to be always lost! Testing testing…

    By the way, Australia is very quick in showing Adam Sandler’s movies. It’s showing there already but not in SG.


  2. Nadia,tats great that u got to watch Click.I am dying to watch it back home but still not out yet. Adam sandler shows are usually great. Have fun there gal!