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my christmas wishlist. (revised)

  1. Motorola Q9H
  2. <s>Gucci Wallet</s>
  3. ipod touch
  4. Absolut Disco
  5. Absolut Kurrant
  7. Distinctions
  8. Pay Raise
  9. Givenchy Very Irresistable
  10. Retro Gold Casio Watch
  11. Clothing sponsor
  12. Gold nadnut necklace
  13. MAC vouchers
  14. A good home cooked meal
  15. A romantic date
  16. <s>Dinner at Prime Society</s>
  17. Gracey’s long legs and height.
  18. Barffie’s cats
  19. Sheylara’s waist
  20. AKK’s boobs
  21. eStee’s eyes
  22. Ming’s house
  23. Jayden’s photoshop abilities
  24. A good holiday
  25. Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts
  26. Some bubbly (champagne not bubble bath la)
  27. To be loved, cherished and respected.
  28. To be happy
  29. To sleep at 11pm everyday instead of 3am.
  30. To be less stressed. I’m super stressed everyday la!

I am such a greedy girl!! lol.

8 thoughts on “my christmas wishlist. (revised)”

  1. I don’t mind giving you the Absolut Kurrant (it’s sitting in the cupboard anyways) but I want the bottle back!


  2. Damn I want clothing sponsors too. Clothing brands for big girls perhaps? I just hope they stop making sacks for girls like me T_T


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