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that thing about aussie… day seven.

i am seriously addicted to chips and pancake place.

headed to pancake place with tiger and his housemates for lunch today. its such a small world. tiger’s housemate is my junior in school who is dating his brother’s friend. lol.

anyway, enjoyed another sinful meal @ pancake place which makes it my 3rd time this week there. *rubs tummy* yes, i think i am packing in the pounds. tiger sure looks happy. he says its his plan to make me so fat that no one wants me. -__-” how evurl.

after the sinful late lunch, we headed to mt coot-tha. great view. soothing. nature always soothes me. took a hell lot of pictures. 😉 but am too lazy to post all up. 😛

after spending sometime there, we headed home and cooked steak. *droools* its quite fun, just cooking, chilling, playing card games (taiti, bridge, poker and blackjack). kinda miss the saturdays where i spend at jenny’s. movie marathon and all.

simple day, great company and a hell lot of fun. and a rather bloated tummy right now. 🙂 how was your day?

8 thoughts on “that thing about aussie… day seven.”

  1. grrr… *growls. ure on such a happy-pappy holiday you make me wanna go into a murderous mood. *jealous if i cant murder my boss i’ll murder u heheheh


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