perhaps it aint such a good idea to go out till the wee hours two days in a row.

i seem to be crawling into my bed these two days…

went clubbing wiv kenny on friday, came home, crawled into bed. overslept next day. yesterday was rather a sinful day.

walked along esplanade park yesterday. memories… anyway, the fireworks were great yesterday!

aside from that,

food food food!

first stop: spaggedies. damage done: 80%

second stop: crystal jade xiao long bao. damage done: 20%

pit stop: fireworks festival. power up: 70%

third stop: marche. damage done: 10000000000%

final stop: tao-huey @ geylang. damage done: 30%

pit stop: comedies @ billygoat’s place. power up: 10000000000%


a quote from someone ‘this is ohhhhhh so better than sex’. wahhahahaa. :X

sinful i tell you. sinful for my tummy, my body and my wallet.

anyway, being out with 2 lame guys is a huge mistake. putting them together = jokes, puns and the lamest humour.

and billygoat: looking at me & my fringe is not equivalent to she bangs. -_-“

hahaa. i was technorati-ing and i found someone who linked me as: nads and her nuts. lol. i dun have any nuts by the way. lol.

wahhahahaa. now leave me alone while me and my tummy recuperate. yes. i mean it. don’t tempt me with good food.

that includes you, shen.


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