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once upon a time…

muahahahaaa. its not always someone writes a story where yours truly can be the lead actress…

a short preview…

Once upon a time, there was a sweet girl called P-nut, she looked to be what was about from Primary 5, if you had her in our world, my country. She had three brothers, or would-be brothers. She would always play with them and let them make fun of her. She would consistently call them with names given to them by her. And she would consistently make statements that showed that she ‘pwned’ them. For example:

“Where is my Samurai Stick/Steak?”
“Today, Samurai Duck is so nice to me!”
“Come, Samurai Bear, give me a hug!”

But the three brothers knew that they were not ‘pwned’ by her, in fact, they were looking for masters to serve. So in reality, the Samurai brothers were really, Ronin Duck, Ronin Stick and Ronin Bear.

Ronin Bear was somewhat different, he actually learnt the dark arts of ninjitsu and he never wanted to be a samurai or a ronin for that matter.

“I am a ninja, okay?!”, he would exclaim.

As the little princess continued to enjoy the company of her three brothers, things started to change, since with time, change is only natural.

First, Ronin Stick got owned. He had to serve a new Master. This master was very caring and gentle, and allowed Stick to continue to roam and do what he liked doing, yet maintain a certain ownership of him with glowering wisdom and trust. Ronin Stick had become Samurai Stick.

Then, one evening, Ronin Bear was ambushed by the beauty of the summer sea. Enarmoured, he decided to serve the Sea and all her glorious wonders. He minimize his certain bad habits and submitted to the ownership to the wondrous Sea. Ronin Bear was now known as Samurai Bear, even though he still insisted he was Ninja Bear.

Ronin Duck was already wearied. Being the oldest of the three brothers, he wondered if he might serve any one at all. He had seen it all, almost done it all. He felt that he did not need his title of Samurai after all, maybe.

Then suddenly, blazing from the United Kingdom on a fiery trail of alchohol and words that seem inappropriate, Ghost Rider appeared and Ronin Duck became Samurai Duck upon finding a worthy Master.

Now that all three brothers had masters to serve. What happens to their sister, P-nut? Only time will tell, if she will not.

But till this day, it is vehemently he claims that;

“I am a Ninja Bear! Not Samurai.”

now go here for the whole story!

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