that thing about that chao barney!

i’m very irritated! and not satisfied!

why why why?

because of chao barney! or like akk would say, that choujidan! *pouts*

that fella tagged me and i did his quiz. and hor, that fella always fly my kite/aeroplane when i ask him out.

how many months already chao barney? *ego dropped till zero*

say wanna meet me, till now, NADA! ZILCH! ZERO! KOSONG! grrrrrrr. cheat my feelings! *SOBZ*

and then hor, that fella msn-ed me and told me not to cry. told me he will intro his YUMMILICIOUS friend to me. who is handsome (i checked out his friend’s profile. quite handsome leh!), smart, rich and caring.

in other words, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

so there i was, a lonely spinster, excited! bloody excited! after all i failed at flirting leh. and lao niang so ugly, cant find boyfriend/steady leh.

so when tat chao barney say wanna intro his yummilicious friend to me, i jump for joy! infact i was too fat tat when i jumped for joy, i got stucked. -_-”

i was harbouring thoughts of kidnapping his yummilicious friend and hypnotising him to fall in love with me going dating, go makan watch movie hor.

and then hor, i realised tat the yummilicious friend’s profile wrote ATTACHED.

i asked that choujidan barney how come his friend is attached, tat chao barney reassured me that his friend was single. perhaps forgot to change status.

so there i was, waiting eagerly. biting my nails. like a besotted schoolgirl. waiting and waiting for tat introduction.

then tat chao barney told me…

“sorry ah. his attached”

nabei! *lighting strike*. CHEAT MY FEELINGS! and since tat chao barney knows how despo i am, he dont wanna go out with me anymore! sooooooooooo sad!

that every post he has, i will bug him for a date.

he hor, told me he will intro ANOTHER yummilicious friend to me. but hor, till now no news at all!

i wait and wait. he say he got exams so must study, so i wait somemore. he told me ‘tan kuku’. which means wait long long right?

i still waiting leh.

eh got cobwebs on my head liaoz chao barney!

i still waiting leh. i tell u hor, if u dont intro me soon, i will have to kidnap some small boys liaoz go join SDU liaoz.

and hor. good luck for exams. finish liaoz, find me some victims yummilicious friends hor!


  1. wahahaha.. i have another friend who is affectionately termed barney by me too.. thankfully, he’s not like what you described… hmm, i’ll see if i can find any yummilicious guys with goatees and intro to you..



  2. sunshin3> ooooh. kk. ill wait! dont make me wait long long like that chao barney hor!

    fatkitten> hahaha. am still waiting! why isnt it raining men?!?!