a bitter facade…

her eyes were bright with unshed tears. yet she kept on walking. her head high in the air looking as much as the proud arrogant lady as she had portrayed herself to be.

but if u had looked closely at her. if you had looked pass the haughty stare and the wry smile, you’ll see sadness in her eyes. for the eyes were the windows to the soul. some eyes were hard and lifeless, whereas some were shiny and full of life. but hers were full of sadness and dead.

she wanted everyone to see a cold hard bitch. someone not to be trifled with and a man-hater. for she has been hurt many a times and had built a wall around herself.

she smiled. a true smile. however, it was but a wistful smile.


but how many of us do look pass the initial impression? how many of us actually know someone? do we base how we know someone just by what that person potrays?

if so, arent we superficial? or are they fake?

which is it?

2 thoughts on “a bitter facade…”

  1. Life is indeed superficial. Many want to live in this illusion for that is where we have peace with ourselves and peace with others. This helps us to move on, however, when we encounter a big catastrophe, we have two choices. To brood over what is wrong or to learn how to do it right and move on…

    I’ve decided to move on after learning to do it right.


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