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Thanks everyone!

Voting is now closed.

Results will be out on the 12th and results for voters’ prizes will be out on the 23rd.

Thanks to all who have constantly voted for me and have been pestered by me relentlessly bugging you to vote!

Thanks to the bloggers who have helped to spread the word!

Thanks to Tiger who has risked his anonymity by telling his colleagues to vote for me! (and apparently his colleagues have been ‘roaring’ to him on msn. LOL!)

Thanks to my best friend, thebeanmaster who has spammed his classmates with my “press-release” and for getting your whole family to vote for me!

Thanks to the colleagues who have endured me nagging them to vote for me!

Thanks to my mum for being so supportive and even spread my url (in risk of them reading my pathetic blog!) to them!

Thanks to Angelia whom I have been bothering day and night with my 101 questions!

After this competition, I guess I’m not so scared of having colleagues, relatives and my parents reading my blog. LOL. Nice increase in visitors man! 😉 This is my first “blogging” (I can term it as a blogging contest right?) contest and it was a great contest! I do hope we’ll be able to see the number of votes and standing! (at least if i lose, i’ll know if it’s a close draw!)

But most of all, I would like to thank my bestie Jen jen who has been there for me throughout this contest! She helped conceptualise the entry and even helped me photoshopped the pics! If I do win, I’m bringing her along! (That is if she doesn’t complain she’s fat again. If she does, I’m bringing someone else! :P)

Once again, thanks everyone!

I hope you guys win the great prizes!

Humbly yours,
Nadia aka nadnut. 🙂

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